mommy’s sleeping…

The mommified Cami who normally painstakingly composes this blog is still sleeping… Let’s not wake her shall we?

You see I let her go out last night. She let her hair down (not that there was much to tie back) and then she was out too late last night partying like a rock star… well not quite.

Partying like the wife of a rock star?


Partied like a….

Um no, I don’t think the word “partied” applies to her but lets take a look through the evening and see what she did do shall we? I was able to gather photographic evidence for some of it… but the rest you’ll just have to trust me on.

5:45 pm, Cami finished creating her straight hair and sassy eyeliner look:

6 pm on the dot her in laws arrived to baby sit so that she can go out and be a super supportive wife and pretend not to be Mommy, mommy, mama, hey mammmmmmmma. MAMMMMA?? She praised the universal goodness, got a few things prepped for her daughter’s bedtime and ran back to her room to throw on a little black dress and boots…

6:29 Super friends R & KR appear on the scene. Cami (still incredibly mommified at this point) had stopped to help K and the in laws with something and still had no boots. Her friends examined the new bathroom while she zipped up her docs and then they were off.

6:45ish The trio entered the club. The hazy smoky club. Sounds of set up were heard and they quickly followed them to their source; the men of Pavlov’s Cats… or at least the drummer and bassist of the Cats. A rug that the drummer needed desperately, oh so so desperately that he called his wife and begged her to bring it was delivered.

He didn’t use it, mother fucker.

6:50 The trio left said hazy smoky club and allowed the boys to do sound check while they found a little diner across the street that wasn’t smoke filled to eat.

They were all feeling quite naughty so a platter of onion rings, 2 cheeseburgers and a friend chicken sandwich thingy were ordered. Oh and 2 Bloody Marys. Food was consumed. They left for the hazy smoky club.

7:25 They crossed the street.

(Isn’t it amazing how detailed this account is…)

7:26 They grabbed a table against the rails so they could SEE the band as well as hear them. They were right on time for this:

They were very well received. President Reid was there and he was so excited he wanted to throw his panties at them… though he said they weren’t very clean…

Luckily Cami had not consumed enough alcohol (at that time) to see it as a challenge so she kept her panties on as well.

Still it was around this time mommified Cami was gone. She had already eaten extremely fried food and had consumed alcoholic beverages in two establishments so I’m afraid the time codes will probably fall by the way side.

There was more playing of music. Really good music. Some blues, some funk… oh and a song that sounded like it should be the theme to the next Bond movie. I could totally picture a naked chick dancing on top of an overly large gun. But we’re not talking about ME. We are talking about that sleeping mommy Cami and what she did when she was unpinned. Oh, and maybe a little about the band. Speaking of the band now would be a good time to take a closer look at the guys… shall we?



(don’t tell Mr. Kaos but I saw Cami smooching all over this guy when the band took a break…)

Cami had the camera and she may have started to lose focus. Strictly speaking she should have been photographing the band but her REALLY.GOOD.FRIENDS. were right there and she had to take a picture to celebrate.

And then there were these guys from Poland hanging out with President Reid and she HAD.TO.TAKE.A.PICTURE. of them.

Then John popped by and he did something REALLY.COOL.

(wait, was this the photo she wasn’t supposed to post?)

Cami was so impressed with his mad beer balancing skills she decided to give it a go as well. Lovely behavior for a mommy out past curfew don’t you think?

(her can is empty)

Somehow even in the midst of all the great music and good debauchery Cami managed to learn a lesson. She learned it was okay to share and before she left she decided that it was alright not being the only tattooed lady in the room.

She left before the 3rd set was done, but she was pumped full of liquor and had a camera full of photos like this:

She needed to get home before she started dancing on the bar or doing something, you know, embarrassing… she headed home safely ensconced in the car of her very good and responsible friends and at home once she said good night to the in laws and kissed little sleeping K goodnight she sang the blues loudly and very off key to celebrate a great night…

Here’s to Pavlov’s Cats first gig! It was a great show, I hope there are many more to come.

25 thoughts on “mommy’s sleeping…

  1. Dan says:

    I’m appalled, appalled and disgusted, appalled and disgusted and jealous. Dan(who is hating this new blogger commenting system that doesn’t let him put a link on his nickname)

  2. n says:

    Shame on you. I am your mother and I drink only Corona, and you choose to balance a Pabst Blue Ribbon , empty or not, on your forhead. At least go for a good empty brew can. I’m glad you had a good time. Tell Sir Kaos that we are proud. NanaKaosP.S. in case you can’t tell I’m just giving you a bad time. See you in 12 days

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    So Mr K is a drummer too. Drummer’s rock.Can’t wait to hear some Pavlov’s Cats. Love the name. Glad Mommified Cami had a good night. Hope she didn’t wake with a sore head. :D

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Maddy: I was, and it was a lovely night. And I am so irritated with Blogger’s little problem in the comments section, thanks for including your link.Lindy: I had to pay a price, I had to wake at 6:30 and get K ready for school and I am still oh so sleepy.BW: It went super well, and another special guest popped in. Jeffy came by for a bit but I didn’t get a picture of him.Nana: I just think you’re jealous because you can’t balance a beer container on your face…Mie: I’m gonna start PUSHING them and PUSHING them. GIVE US A CD!!!Lori: Yeah… I don’t think Mr. Kaos ever spoke to them about that… could be trouble.Dan: Good times, good times man. Sorry blogger is being a brat about the linkies… thanks for adding it in.Furiousball: It is quite lovely.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Jo: Yes, drummers are the lovelies. There is a link in their to their myspace page but I don’t think those recordings do them justice. I was so impressed with them last night. They’ve gotten really tight.And I had no headache but I’ve wanted a nap 6:30 comes too early!

  6. sybil law says:

    No coughing up hairballs this morning means you were not as bad as I would have been! Seriously – YAY!But PABST?! Ew. And by the way – Corona is like Pabst in Mexico, so that’s not too big a jump. HahaNext time, let’s see a martini glass on your head – full! No – drink it first, of course.So sad I could not be there. :(

  7. CamiKaos says:

    sybil: You think I DRANK a beer? Oh no no no silly girl. I had a martini and then several oj vodka and cranberries. Oh and that half a bloody mary with dinner. That was his empty beer can… but soon just for you I will balance a martini glass on my head…

  8. sybil law says:

    YAY!Oh no – I did not think you actually consumed the beer, but still – anyone drinking Pabst just freaks me out! Unless they’re already drunk. Then it makes perfect sense!Martini balancing pics!!!!!Now I will have IM conversation with you. :)

  9. DaddyKaos says:

    Any one can balance an empty can or glass. I expect to be able to take a picture of of you with an untouched martini or BM on your forehead.

  10. CamiKaos says:

    daddy: I think you mean bloody mary… and will you be balancing anything on your head?Sybil: Baby, you know nothing about Portland honey… Pabst is the late night beer of choice in Portland…

  11. mielikki says:

    Next time I come I want to balance another one of those lovely drinks that we had at Springwaters on my head. Maybe multiple times. I wouldn’t say no to an Apple Bomb, either. . .

  12. holly says:

    would you (and jo) mind terribly if i lived vicariously through you guys on nights like these? i have a vague recollection…pubs… they can be fun, and ….oh yes, beer filled….cocktails for me, of course…backinthedayshould have stayed within range of the babysitting in-laws. or moved one over by us.

  13. angel says:

    what a totally spectacularly wonderful night! cami out of her cage and then home safe and sound!and thank you oh so much for sharing the yummy polish boys…:D

  14. CamiKaos says:

    angel: Thank you, and I am glad you liked the boys.gunfighter: It was my first night out in months since K’s favorite babysitter moved away (excluding PTA meetings which really don’t count) … it was great.

  15. CamiKaos says:

    holly: you can do that… but your vicarious life will be 95% dull on my end… except maybe when my parents get here in a couple weeks…bellevelma: There are times I would take target if I could go alone.flutter: no, you are.

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