I have created a monster.

The last week or 10 days that has seen me consuming only one cherry coke a day (oh my sweet lovely soda I love you) has done well for me. Already I am starting to see a bit of a difference and that… oh that is so good.

Plus now that K is back in school I get a lot more walking, I walk her there, I walk home, I walk to go get her, I walk home. It adds up. It does a body good. But mostly I’m guessing it is the lack of empty calories in the form of sodacrack…

But there was a void there when the soda could not be consumed. I already drink a lot of water. I drink water all day, so it isn’t like I could replace my soda with water, right? No, I couldn’t that would be silly. Plus there is the missing caffeine to consider. I am willing to give up the jiggle when I wiggle but don’t ask me to give up the caffeine, that will make me just crazy…

So to fill the void I have started drinking iced tea. Lots of iced tea. I’ve always liked iced tea, and I come by in naturally, my dad is a huge tea drinker. Well iced tea anyway.

I started out innocently enough on my iced tea journey. I don’t drink the bland stuff you know, I need a little flavor, a little pop. Plus I don’t take sugar or lemon in my tea so the flavor has to be brewed into the tea. (are you asking yourself if I am really dedicating a whole post to what kind of tea I am drinking? I know… pretty thin, I hardly believe it myself but what can I do, it’s what came out)

I recalled a day during the summer when Mr. Kaos brought me home a lovely tea from a local coffee shop so I went in and asked the manager what kind of tea they use thinking it may be a house blend… it isn’t. They sell it there, AND, for several dollars less they sell it at my local market.

I soon procured the one she had recommended but realizing there were SO many others by this same company I selected a 2nd tea for my brewing pleasure. I started with Ginger Peach, the 2nd Tea was Blackberry sage. Later I moved onto a Pomegranate Green Tea and finally a Wild Blueberry. Mr. Kaos began noticing all the tea in the fridge, he wanted in on the action too however he can’t drink caffeine all day and night and still get sleep so he began asking for something decaffeinated… I had trouble finding a caffeine free tea from that company so I moved on to another and procured from them a caffeine free red tea that smells of hibiscus blossoms.

What has happened here? My fridge has become some sort of iced tea sanctuary, I have 3 separate teas in the fridge.

That’s not normal is it?

What’s in YOUR fridge????

20 thoughts on “junkie

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beer. Sometimes milk. Occasionally orange juice. I go through my tea phases as well from time to time. Hot tea, though. I add a little sugar. Still a lot less than the 40-50 grams found in a can of soda. I once weighed a sugar pack on a scale at work–3.5 grams per packet. Justin(Maybe I should get a Google account set up.)

  2. mielikki says:

    see, I am an iced tea consumer as well. But I am one of the strange one that prefers regular, plain, non sweetened iced tea.Strangly enough? So is MM. So a fresh pitcher of iced tea is ALWAYS on the top shelf.Oh, and chai, for those days when I want something with some spice. Like today.

  3. CamiKaos says:

    Justin: Yes, join us on the dark side, get a login. I still like hot tea but no sugar.BW: You keep birth control in the fridge?Mielikki: I *heart* CHAITravis: You keep rum in the fridge? Hmm… I keep all our various rums in the liquor cabinet. Is there something to be gained by keeping them cool?Jo: Something for me? You know me so well, I love something for me!!!!! I’ll be there lickity split.

  4. Kami says:

    I too have had to dedicate a large amount of refrigerator resources to tea pitchers. We began drinking tea to stop drinking Diet Coke. Now, I’m slightly addicted to Lipton, mixed with Green, add a wedge of lime, whaaa la. This doing almost the exact thing as the other has just got to stop.

  5. sybil law says:

    In my fridge: Red Stripe, bottle of white wine that I’ll never probably drink, bottle of champagne, organic nonfat milk, orange juice, apple juice, Capri Suns, bottled waters, and some lame ass Jack Daniels cooler like things someone brought and left. And rum should go in the freezer. So it’s nice and cold. By the way – I had 3 Mt. Dew’s today. At work. I couldn’t help myself. I don’t even feel guilty. :)

  6. Troy says:

    I too am a recovering soda addict. Six or eight cans of Classic Coke per day was nothing. I had to make a rule at my work that my colleagues were supposed to physically intervene anytime they saw me crack a can before 9 am.One of the few benefits of this nephrostomy crap is that, in the hospital, I kicked the habit. I’m two weeks soda free! My fridge is full of fruit juice and power-ade.God I feel so lame now.

  7. DaddyKaos says:

    Beer (Corona of course), 2 different tea’s – one with a blackberry mix and a peach/rasberry mix. The gin is in the freezer. Oh, and lots of salad stuff.

  8. CamiKaos says:

    Mr. Fab: Those Cub Scouts tend to spoil quickly, better eat up.Daddy: We had huge salads for dinner… even KLindy: Do you drink whole milk.. gag.. or is that for squdige?Troy: So you know my pain. I love the stuff… but it is sooo bad for us. Congrats on your soda recover… now if you could only get rid of those pesky stones…Syb: OOOOOOOH you cheated on the soda thing… be careful or I will start IMing you about the gym AGAIN.Kami: I normally fear and loathe doppelgangers… but it is so hard to hate you.OTJ: And I would be SO happy to share my caffeine with you. Next time you’re in the NW look me up and we’ll share a massive pitcher of the stuff and then we can shimmy and shake like a couple of hopped up loons.

  9. Velma says:

    There is actually shockingly little in my fridge these days – I’ve been sick, you see. Usually we’ve got the usual milk, fruit juice, beer and whatnot, but today? Today I am down to an inch of orange juice. Guess I’m going shopping later!

  10. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I love iced tea. But, it makes me pee A LOT. We don’t have a lot of drinks in the fridge bc the boys are intolerant of corn syrup or fructose. We usually have 7 gallons of organic skim milk and one of organic whole milk. And sometimes tea. I have one of those Iced Tea machines (like a coffee machine) and I love it.

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