sleepless poetry

night sleeps
but all those around me come to life
with their quiet breaths
fluttering eyes
the beating of their hearts and I know now
now more than ever during the day
that they are so full of life
full of love

I wish I could join them.

6 thoughts on “sleepless poetry

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    This is really lovely.People look so vulnerable when they’re asleep, and so full of hope.Even if E and M have been little fiends all day, when they’re asleep they just look so amazing that I forgive them and jsut want to cuddle them.Mr B I often just want to kick as he snores like a camel.So I suppose that makes him vulnerable too!! heh hehLove the site by the way.I’ve added you to my blogroll.Hope that’s ok.

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