e-cat is sick…

K has a little striped orange cat with humongous green eyes. It’s stuffed. That is to say it is a stuffed animal made of fabric, fill and beads. Not one that has been taxidermied. I know some people enjoy the fine art of dead stuffed things, I know am not one of those people…

So her little striped cat, E-Cat, is sick.

This can really mean only on thing. K isn’t feeling well. At all.

Which is coinciding nicely with my aching chest and sore throat.

She sounds a lot like I do, E-Cat that is. If K is sick, E-Cat is sick. If E-Cat is sick, the house is not right.

But I personally couldn’t be more please with the timing. You see this cold, this bad bad horrid summer cold that seems to have attacked me, Mr. Kaos, K and of course E cat has come at the perfect moment. We should be all well and recovered by the time we…

You’ve got it, that’s right,

Leave on vacation.

CamiKaos and her fabulous one track mind everyone.

Oh, sorry I had to take a break there for a giant sneeze fest.

Now I have to take another to go take care of E-Cat, and I guess I should check in on K too.

4 thoughts on “e-cat is sick…

  1. Corey~living and loving says:

    I really hope your family is well soon. My daughter and I have been suffering from a summer cold also. It must be going around the state….I think we are in the same state.

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