A few months ago Mr. Kaos asked me if I wanted to go to Blogher, while I thought it was sweet of him to offer I was concerned about a few items

● I have never been away from K.
● If they came with me what would they do all day?
● I was kind of new to the whole blogging thing.
● With no offense to Chicago, I wasn’t so thrilled to take a vacation there.
● Money. I was hesitant to spend so much on something just for me.

So I said thank you so much baby, maybe next time. Maybe when I feel like I’m more a part of this big crazy club of bloggers everywhere (at the time I was still feeling VERY shy) (very SHY).

Over the past couple of months as I grew more comfortable and spread my little blogger wings I thought maybe I should have taken him up on it and booked a flight and a hotel right there on the spot. RIGHT THERE. Yes thank you Mr. Man. I’ll take that while you aren’t thinking clearly.

A few weeks ago I found myself a little down about it. A little sad. A little pouty that I wouldn’t get to be shy in person instead of here in my bed with the laptop.

Pouty. Sad.

Mr. Kaos noticed I was a little sad about it and he (you all think I’m gonna say he got me tickets right??? you think so don’t you? NO! I’m not) suggested I try to organize some of the NW bloggers for a little get together. I thought that was clever and sweet but I am not an organizer unless I am forced to be. So no. Not that I’m opposed to a little blogger drink or park day but I’m not putting shit together. But it was really nice of him to suggest.

He’s really supportive…

But really what I am trying to tell you is that I was really mopey about choosing not to go to Blogher… until….

UNTIL Mr. Kaos got signed up to go to that tech conference in Anaheim…

The same week as Blogher.

If I had gone to Blogher I wouldn’t be taking K to DL for the first time…

Plus it’s rumored (by me) that I may be spending one day with one of my best and oldest friends. WOO HOO!

How life plays right into my hot little hands I will never understand…

10 thoughts on “trip…

  1. Daveman says:

    I’ve never gave something like that serious thought. I’m not much into crowds – and – Hmm…I must admit, it is intriguing to meet these online blogging personalities I’ve known for so long and those like yourself whom I have known for less time but feels like longer.I’m not sure I would attend a gathering of bloglanders or not. That sounds strange coming from someone who hob-snobbed with entertainers for a while.., I know, but thats just the kind of weirdo I become I guess :-)

  2. CamiKaos says:

    Kami: I haven’t been in 15 years… We have our hotel booke but I may e-mail you with a couple other questions. WOO HOO. Knowledge is power.

  3. Betsy says:

    I hear you on the pushme-pullyou of the BlogHer siren call – I’m also not going, but I veer wildly between thinking it’s a good thing and feeling totally, totally envious.I will also send you unsolicited D-land advice…!

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Betsy: I’m looking forward to the advice!!! It’s been so long since I’ve been there aside from a couple of classics I don’t seem to know up from down there anymore!

  5. mielikki says:

    sometimes, life teases you with vanilla ice cream, and when you don’t eat it, rewards you later with Creme Brulee. (I hope that makes sense to you, I’m tired from a rough night at work.) Blogher will probably be around for a long time, but K will only be 5, and at DL once!

  6. Kristen McD says:

    Does Giddy know?? Where IS Giddy?And I’m giggling, because here DL = down-low. So you have a DL DL, which is funny.To me.

  7. CamiKaos says:

    OTJ: I know Melanie ON LINE but haven’t met her in person and don’t know Debbie at all, I’ll have to check out her blog. M: Yes. perfect senseFlutter: Doesn’t it? I am thinking I will make a big push to go next year… depending on where they hold it.Kristin: I don’t know where Giddy is, I sent her an email to let her know I’ll be down in CA, but she seems to be one busy bee these days. And yes, DL is on the DL… I’ve been cracking myself up with that one too!

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