mom & dad

I’m not sure what it is about it, but I love this picture of my mom and dad. 1974. The year they became parents for the first time. Back in the day. When shit was real. And my dad was really really hairy.

I mean seriously, look at that beard. Look at those locks. He was one hairy dude.

It’s been a lot of years since that picture was taken. A lot of years.

It has me thinking about life and time and the forces of good and evil. And how much I like a nice smoked trout.

But those aren’t the reasons I am sharing this picture with you.

Why then?

Because tomorrow is Fathers Day, and that is my father. And that gorgeous woman next to him, she’s the woman who made him what he is today: Her husband. My daddy. My brother’s dad. Mr. Kaos’ father in law. K’s papa.

I always think on Mother’s Day I should thank Mr. Kaos and K because with out them I wouldn’t be a mother, so it only seems right that for Fathers day I should thank my mom too.

So mom, dad, happy Fathers Day. You’ve been in this parenting thing together for a long time and you’ve done a hell of a job…

at least I think so.

8 thoughts on “mom & dad

  1. mielikki says:

    I remember when your dad looked like that. It was funny. That was in the day when Uncle B had hair down to the small of his back. And oh, how I miss Lake Almanor. But you can have the smoked trout.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    M: I think that may have been at Lake Berryessa with S&R. We used to go fishing with uncle R there when Matty and I were little.

  3. papa says:

    I was not Lake Berryessa, it was at Lake Almanor and it was all about Catfish. My hair was long, my beard was long and I was in my rebellion stage (after Vietnam). Mom caught more fish than either my father or me and we had a great time. There is another picture of me that Lyndell Cross took of me sitting on the porch of the cabin GG and GP rented that year (the one with the cigar in my mouth and the same cap on my head). It may have been the same year that the Corps wanted me to become and active reservist and promoted me to Staff Sgt.

  4. mielikki says:

    I know Lake Almanor when I see it. Because of that picture I will probably dream about it! I know that other picture your Dad is talking about, too, its a great one! Lindell was a pretty good picture taker. And why am I not surprised that your Mom caught more fish than your Dad and our Grandpa! Go Aunt N!

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