love your pirates…

Imagine yourself in an old theater, comfy aged springy seats, dim side lighting, on a two tiered stage in front of you a drum kit shimmers… you’re in the 3rd row from the front right in the center… As you look around taking it all in your realize you are surrounded by ravenous pirates, 100s of them, waiting hungrily for something to happen…

Got it?

Good… so you’re there with me, looking at those hungry beaming little faces as they stare up at the stage, at the side curtains, all around waiting for the first glimpse of Captain Bogg & Salty…

One of the great things about living in Portland is the culture we are immersed in everyday… really, truly, how many cities can boast an awesome pirate rock band?

Today’s special Saturday blog is brought you courtesy of the smiling faces of my husband, K and her friends along with the countless other kids and adults that danced, sang, clapped and yarrred along with the band at the Captain Bogg & Salty concert fundraiser for Llewellyn Elementary Foundation at the Sellwood Theater.

I’ve said before, though you may not have heard me, that Captain Bogg & Salty are not some amateurish kiddy band that are just capable of entertaining small kids for an hour at a time. They are an awesome ensemble of talented musicians and personalities that can thrill and enthrall kids of all ages and leave them sighing when the music is over.

It was a great time on a beautiful day and I hope there are many more to come…

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