3 is more than 1…

but sometimes 2 can seem like less…

being the mother of an only child (and the wife of one) I have really adjusted to the only child way of life, yes it is that different than having 2 or 3 or 4.

Some days we’ll have one of K’s little friends come over and play. The one that usually comes to play is a well mannered delightful littler girl (another K). My K and the other K get along so well that they actually require less supervision than one K alone.

Today, after an entire week of being home from school and playing out in the snow the temperature was up & the slush was all over the place, but preschool was still not in session. So as I was preparing to call the mom of her favorite playmate to invite her over the phone rang. Another school friend on the phone (well her dad, we’re definitely still at the parental set up phase of childhood development). He wanted to know if the girls could get together. I said yeah… sure… bring her on over… if 2 girls is easy 3 must be a piece of cake, I thought… So K & D came over to join K in two hours of general merriment…

3 is more than 2. 3 seems like 6. Even though all 3 girls were amazingly well mannered and behaved 3 is more than anything when they are five years old… I don’t regret it, the girls had a blast… but next time I think I’ll throw a party…

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