start at the beginning…and when you come to the end… stop

Really there is too much to start at the beginning or we will have to sit and listen to the story of the sunrise that gave me my name… so I will move on past the beginning of today’s story, right through the highs and lows through the middle and on to the end(ish). Dependence on technology is where we have some how arrived… it is the end of today’s story so it is where I will start…

Back only a handful of years we lead relatively simple lives… Hell when I was a kid I remember the only “technology” I’d use on a day to day basis was a light switch and my tape player (yes I am just old enough to have had a record player too… but it wasn’t my main staple). We had TV as well and even the beginning of the home computer revolution.. but no one had lap tops, cell phones and palms. If you wanted to play a video game you went to the arcade with a bunch of quarters. That is just my handful of years ago… ask some one older and you will get a much more dark agey story of walking to school in the snow up hill both ways when they had no TV and no fire… I’m not going that far back.

Even for someone in my generation it is bizarre if you really take a look back at it….

So what brings me to this topic? Even though I myself am heavily technology reliant my dear sweet hubby is even worse… or better depending on your point of view. He keeps the big technology machine that is our life rolling on… who hooks up all the gadgets and doodads in our home? The man. Who fixes it if poor little me has lag time on the Internet? The man. Who hooks up all the wires and cables and stuff so we can do all the tech voodoo that we do? Why the man of course… but that is our family tech junk addiction… he has his own personal can’t live without it tech stuff and at the top of the list.. his palm pilot.

Since the day I met him there have been only a few constants in his life.
1) he has a love hate relationship with Jeep
2) me (can’t get rid of me, I like him)
3) he likes wine
4) his palm pilot

Now the others are not in any way consequential to my babble… but the palm pilot, it’s not only where I am going but what fueled my wordy trip down the tech need road…

If I have heard him say this once, I’ve heard it 100 times “My life is in my palm pilot” (I am sure I have heard it 100 times if not more)… Well last night getting ready for his ultra short business trip (a one day no sleepover deal, fly in, meet, eat lunch, fly home… haven’t we heard of the tech marvel known as video?) his “PP” started acting up… I don’t know what it was doing, he was doing dishes, trying to listen to his pod cast and his sound blocking headphones had already died that night so I was blocking out the string of obscenities. I only know that once it started acting up it went down hill from there and was 2 hours of cursing and maintenance before he came up triumphant to tell me about his great battle and to show me that he downloaded my blog for the last week to read on the plane. All the while I was reading (from an actual book.. I like paper).. I missed some of it because I tend to tune out the grumbling bits.. but the gist was the “PP” basically needed to be reset… but now I think it is working. If I missed something he will be sure to call me with his cell phone on my cell phone as he is reading this on his “PP”

My point… what did we used to do?? Use an address book and talk to people? That is so archaic…

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