go blow it out your roof…

Yesterday was a big day for me (stitches were literally driving me mad). Once the stitches were out though, we moved on to other things. The big wind storm of Portland 06. Really it wasn’t that bad… We had plans to see a pre screening of Eragon last night with my brother & S… Well that kind of went down the tube when we saw the weather reports. My dad and I stopped at the grocery store to grab food for dinner and a few emergency supplies. At home we moved inflatables, put away recycling bins and made room in the garage to park the car. There. All ready for the windstorm… Next we decided to stay home where we would be safe, no one likes driving in that weather do they? Dad and I played 9 holes of golf on the Wii (I got my first Eagle!!) we had family movie night in the basement and ate pizza (instead of the healthy dinner dad and I were planning to make). It was good. I put K to bed. We played more golf. Around 11:30 as I drifted off to sleep I could hear our windows really rattling and the house buckle a little under the wind, but when I am falling asleep there appears to be no stopping me…

This morning I woke up to my daughter asking if she could go wake her Nana up… fine with me, it’s like snooze button on a kid… I still had 20 minutes before I had to get up and get her ready for school. Mike came in asked me to turn on the weather channel… Crap. Schools all over were closed. Portland Public was delayed 2 hours (which in the case of preschools means closure).

We’re going about our day. No school. Mike on his way to work. I was somewhat loudly reprimanding K for constantly barking like a dog when there was a knock at our door. Who could it be? Our neighbor (we have great neighbors as you are about to see). She wanted to let us know that on the side of our house that faces theirs a shingle had flown off. Sure enough, big ol shingle laying in our side yard, another one loose up at the top and now I have to call a roofer to come look at it because as it turns out the man that lived here prior to us and did so many… um… creative fixes… re roofed the place himself as well.

With trees and branches down all over the Metro area I am guessing we aren’t the only ones missing a shingle or more… I wonder how long I’ll have to wait… I’m so thankful none of the big trees round here fell…

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