in time

Years can be such slippery intangible things, as we slide from one to the next. Season to season. Walking through our lives noticing so little of what the last year has held and what the coming years will bring. Except hair wet with rain in Spring. Skin glistening with sweat in Summer. Crunching leaves beneath … Continue reading in time


Today we are off to see a beautiful thing. We are getting up and out the door so very very early this morning to drive away off to the west to the Oregon Coast.The ocean will be there of course. My favorite of all vast eternities the ocean is. Its beauty draws me in and … Continue reading union


Last year Mr. Kaos had to go away on business for father's day. He thought it really sucked, so rather than have K and I pout that we were spending Father's day alone he bought two plane tickets for K and I to go visit my father. My daddy.I know, I'm 30. I know it … Continue reading firefly