Where does she get those wonderful toys?

This is where I put links to all of the wonderful products I love to recommend to people… No they’re not paying me. No these aren’t affiliate links. Though maybe I should change that last part.

Banza GF chickpea pasta – literally the only pasta I eat. We pick it up at New Seasons or order it on Amazon by the case

Chedz – Tasty tasty cheese snack with a certified GF version that I would binge eat for hours… okay I have. Woman owned and so good. Again, we pick them up at New Seasons or on Amazon.

Peach Skins Sheets – These are for folx with night sweats, of which I am one. They wick away the moisture and allow you to sleep and wake up NOT in a puddle of your own sweat. You can order them direct.

Who Gives A Crap? toilet paper and other paper products – I wrote all about them here.

Is there something I told you about that’s missing? Want to know about it? Tell me to list it here.