sorry, not sorry…

IMG_8735Instagram binge posting. It’s a real thing. It’s a real problem. It’s something I’ve unfollowed people for. You know when you follow hundreds or thousands of folks and suddenly 10 images in a row are all from the same person? Amazing architecture. Awe inspiring nature. Blue skies and puffy clouds. Snowy mountains. Tropical beaches. Cute kids. Adorable pets. Meals. Injuries. Some of them you want to see. Some of them not so much.

But binge posting does tend to grate on me. On Instagram. On Facebook. On twitter. I’ve been known to glare at my phone and ask aloud to no one at all what they think they’re doing that is SOOOO interesting. But it’s been called to my attention that I tend to binge post to Instagram when I travel. And it’s true. I do. I probably tend to binge post other places at other times too. But my Instagram seems to be travel specific.

So consider this a friendly warning that I’ll be traveling next week and my first photo binge of the year is on the way.