mud monster

K and I decided on a change of scenery for lunch today so I packed up her sandwich and my salad, grabbed some lemonade from the fridge and we were off to the park to eat lunch under the trees.  After choosing a table with just the right mixture of sun and shade we sat … Continue reading mud monster

used to

I used to post every day, come rain or shine, good days and bad.  There was a time that I was incredibly committed to ensuring that something new was here every day.  It wasn't a commitment to you.  To the internets.  To this blog.  It was a commitment to me.  To take some time, even … Continue reading used to


It was one of those moments where I couldn't be sure if this was a June storm or the coming apocalypse as I hung up the phone.  My eyes trained on the edges of the window where the blinds block out the least light as I watched the sky fall dark.  Night dark.  Sun gone … Continue reading weathered

pack animal

Over the last 5 years that K has been in school (2 year preschool, kindergarten, first grade and now second grade is ending) I have slowly weened her off the pack animal that is mama.  When she was in preschool all I could think was "Seriously, she's old enough to be in school yet she … Continue reading pack animal