Two days before I left on my trip to Austin my mother flew in from the Midwest.  She came for two reasons, both greatly appreciated.  My trip was very close to my daughters birthday, for which my mom comes into town each year anyway.  But the timing, the early arrival was due to the fact … Continue reading mothered

little sleeps

Every night has the same routine. That doesn't mean that every night is the same.  They all have their own special set of circumstances.  A different set of challenges.  Conversations.  A new story to read or a new chapter to begin.  The pjs change.  Sometimes the cats curl up at the foot of her bed.  … Continue reading little sleeps


Time is such a slippery commodity.  It's not measurable in advance with any certainty but the increments we leave behind are solid, accounted for down to the microsecond on the clock of life.  Each moment changing, evolving, forming us as we continue on our paths. But there is no universal scale with which to weigh … Continue reading time


Eight years ago my life changed in the most amazing way.  I met the most remarkable person.  Someone who will be tied to my heart, my life, my existence for all time.  It was eight years ago today that my beautiful daughter K was born. When I held her in my arms I didn't imagine … Continue reading eight

no place

After a week on the road, and I use the term "on the road" very loosely, I'm reminded of a few things that make being home truly special.  Though I had a fantastic trip to Austin, the joy of it was more about experiences, opportunities and fun than it was about attending the actual SXSWI … Continue reading no place


Tonight is Ignite Portland 8.  It's part of Global Ignite week which is very exciting for all sorts of people all over the place.  Really it is.  Do you like how I just cut to the chase there?  Yeah.  I really got right into it because I've already written a post about attending Ignite today. … Continue reading redundancy…

in March

This morning when I woke, and yes this is one of those posts that start with me waking up to some amazing realization so try to contain yourself, I was just a little happier than was strictly necessary for any morning let alone 6:30 in the morning on a Monday with the sound of an … Continue reading in March