in the clear

I quit drinking caffeine a while ago, and I didn't mention it here so much because I wasn't looking forward to the part where I fell on my face in utter and complete caffeine giving up failure and had to come back and tell you all that I fell off the caffeine wagon. It wasn't … Continue reading in the clear


I forget sometimes that writing is work because I often sit a play at it, letting the words fall from on high when they want to.  Writing is a pleasure for me.  A comfort.  A constant in a life that, though it has been happy, is often tumultuous. So sometimes one emotion, one thought, one … Continue reading musing

Bad Parenting 101

It's 31 minutes until my child's bedtime. The big homework packet that she gets at the beginning of the week?  It sits half finished on the dining table.  She has 3 sheets of paper she's not happy with that she wants to discard and she's currently in the bathroom weeping copious and highly dramatic tears. … Continue reading Bad Parenting 101


As I greeted my daughter at school pickup she was all smiles.  Glowing.  She was proud of herself and all she'd done today, happy to be back with her friends and engaged in their current science project.  She bounced toward me and I gave her umbrella to her.  She opened it up and hand in … Continue reading umbrella

in the morning

I woke up suddenly to the sound of an alarm, face blushed and burning, breathing halted momentarily while my body insisted it was still in the dream and my mind raced to figure out what was really going on. Leaning up on one elbow I took stock of the dim morning light filtering in through … Continue reading in the morning