down there

I need to handle this with a little delicacy.  A sense of decorum.  I need to say it gently because otherwise I might freak out. It's possible that I may have already freaked out... but just a little. How am I going to say this?  What's the best way to handle the situation we've found … Continue reading down there


One after another we fall each in line with no cause but pressure the touch of the one before a line of dominoes the closer we are the faster we fall. But picking back up? That takes longer.

out ruded

I don't like people.  A person I can like on a case by case basis but people in general I often find hard to deal with.  One of the things (on a very long list of things)  I really don't like is when people talk about you or things concerning you when you're right there.  … Continue reading out ruded