smoke signals

Around the time I was 15 I started sneaking cigarettes here and there... by the time I was 17 I was a smoker.  I continued down that path of smoking until I was 23 years old.  In November of 2000 I quit smoking.  It was the very end of November, after thanksgiving.  I'd tried to … Continue reading smoke signals

when cats cry

Oh what to do, what to say? Yesterday I posted about all those drafts that were saved up in my wordpress... Posts I had barely written.  Posts that were long and never concluded.  Posts that had great meaning, but I just kind of had trouble letting go of them.  The one that seemed most intriguing … Continue reading when cats cry


In the drafts folder of this blog sit so many unfinished posts...  Some are heavy and laden with meaning.  Sleep, life, love, marriage, friendship, parenting, the years passing by, vegetable gardens.  Even one about an email from a friend that suddenly found herself going through something I'd suffered through in the past. There's a post … Continue reading heavy

toonlet fridays… err… something

On a side note, yes... I really did just wander around my house doing Friday things. Things I only do on Fridays. It's a good thing I checked my calendar to see what my weekend looked like or I would have wound up freaked out and pissed off in a few hours.

passing notes

The other day I was doing some long overdue blog rounds, reading people I've only just become enamored with as well as some old favorites.  One of those favorites did something very interesting (say that with a funny faux German accent please).  She made secret notes to some of the blogs that she frequents.  Right … Continue reading passing notes

veg in a box

Do you see that?  Hear it?  Smell it?  Spring is here.  Well it's Springish anyway.  No, I'm standing firm, I'm sticking with Spring is here because I need a little push to get something done in time.  I need to build my planter boxes. For the last few years it's been my intention to build … Continue reading veg in a box