the calendar

I have to know, I really do.  I need to ask and you have to tell me... Am I the only one putting stuff on my calendar for the summer? It started innocently enough.  Marking the last day of school, noting the date of K's ballet performance.  Writing in a conference... or two.  Okay fine … Continue reading the calendar

the nightmare

As a girl I was plagued with bad dreams, so much so that at some point I stopped crying out in the night unless the visions were particularly stunning.  There was one nightmare I had repeatedly and it was the one that came to mind whenever a bad dream was mentioned.  I wrote about the … Continue reading the nightmare

tea time

When I was a kid I used to smoke tea.  Yes, I know that's not what it's for, but none the less I did it.  Cigarettes were expensive and hard to get, I was too lazy & scared to do drugs (yes you can be too lazy to do drugs, in my way of thinking … Continue reading tea time

while I slept

Monday in the wee hours of the morning when the sun had not yet risen my friend did something magical.  Amazing.  Incredible. She gave birth to a baby girl. While I curled up in blissful slumber with my beautiful (feverish) child and darling husband she was just a couple of miles away laboring to bring … Continue reading while I slept