growing up

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother sewing.  She seemed to be able to make anything with her old white Singer.  It had a special table in every house we lived in and at it she could make a new dress, fix a pair of pants, attire my baby dolls in style or … Continue reading growing up


I know you won't believe this but someone *GASP* tagged me.  I thought everyone on the internet knew how I felt about being tagged (I'm not fond of it).  But there was someone who didn't know that camikaos... she don't do tags...  But I like her, and I have nothing else to write about today … Continue reading sevenish


What I'd like to do today is contemplate.  Hope.  Dream.  I'd like to watch a new era rush in with the inauguration of this President.  This man that gives me some hope for our future. I'd like to believe. We got him this far... let's see what he can do.


I had a few posts all planned in my head... inluding a thing I was tagged for (no that does not mean you can tag me... don't you dare, I am off limits for tagging, this is a special occasion).  But then the day got really short and suddenly it was night time and we … Continue reading dooooood…