I’m not crazy…

We’ve reached day two of the alarm system talking to me.  I’m not sure where to change the battery so it just keeps telling me it’s okay.  Reassuring me.  Every 30 seconds.

For eternity.

Or until about 30 minutes before Mike gets home from work when it stops talking and acts like nothing is wrong.

Additionally on the non crazy front, before she left for school this morning my daughter asked me to put her plastic frog into the bathtub she made for it.  She wanted her in the tub at 9 AM and removed at 10 AM… Frogs like a long bath.  She specified that I didn’t have to put real water in it… it was fine the way it was.

When I realized it was 9:05 I had a sudden surge of guilt that I was running late getting her frog in the “tub”.  I ran in, apologized to the plastic frog (which has not yet been named or I would call it by name instead of just saying “the plastic frog” over and over again).  I put the plastic frog in the bathtub and now I’m forced to keep a close eye on the time to make sure I don’t leave her in for too long.

Did I mention that this is the 3rd day in a row that I’ve been wearing an apron?  It is. I have some nice aprons… but they’re pretty standard.  White cotton with embellishment on the chest.  If I’m going to continue this apron wearing 50’s housewife thing I’m working on, I’m going to need something cute.

With ruffles.  Maybe a bow.  Or some pom poms.

Oh and it has to be all black…

Back to work… I know the alarm is okay (because it tells me so) but I think I better go check on all the electronic devices in the house that aren’t talking to me… just to make sure they’re alright.

By the time I’m done with that I’m pretty sure it will be time to take the plastic frog out of the tub.

2 hours won’t kill me…

There are times that I wake up so busy that if I don’t hit the ground running it seems as though nothing will get done.  Then, there are the times that I can’t possibly hope to get everything done no matter how hard I try.  No matter how fast I run.  No matter how much I multitask.

November is traditionally one of those times.

I know there is so much to do.  So much that needs to get done.  So much piled on my shoulders that no matter how fast I move something is going to fall.  This morning is one of those times.  I’ve chosen not to let my sanity, my center, my sense of peace be the thing that falls.

So even though I know there are so many things I could (and should) be doing right now, I’m taking a breath.  Eating some breakfast.  Drinking some tea.  Trying so hard to ignore the alarm system talking to me every 30 seconds to tell me it’s “Okay” and enjoying the warm weight on my lap from my black kitty cat that only seems content when I’m still.

Deep breath in…  a sip of tea.

Off and running now.