common scents…

Every night before I go to bed I put on perfume. Every night.

I little on my throat, a little on each wrist just before I turn off the light and lay my head on the pillow.  I started this habit a couple of years ago when Mike gave me a bottle of perfume that smelled like a rose garden for my birthday.  At first I thought I was wearing it for him.

After all he’d picked it out.  He chose it carefully so that I’d like it.  So he’d like it.  Makes sense, he would be the on to smell it each time he pressed against me.

So I put it on each night as I curled up beside him and drifted off with the scent of 7 flowers lightly playing at the corners of my mind.

I never thought I was a girl who wanted to smell like flowers, but when Mike went on a business trip for a few days I put perfume on every night to sleep alone.  I curled up in our King sized bed alone in one of his shirts with that sweet fragrance of 7 flowers gracing my skin.

I wear perfume every night now for me.  I let the scent swirl around in my senses until I’m bathed in dreams…

Sweet dreams.