why I’m writing this post…

The bait.

It’s been a long week for me (and as I write this it’s only Tuesday night).  There’s a lot going on but I’m too tired to enjoy it or do many of the happenings justice.

But I had to have a post.  I just couldn’t go to bed without a post.  What’s my motivation?  I’d like to say it’s my dedication to consistency.  I have a new post up everyday Monday – Friday.  The weekends I gave up for the sake of my husband’s sanity.

The truth is, I’m only writing this post so I can get my “carrot”.  I told myself earlier today, knowing I was drained, knowing I didn’t have the energy to write, knowing I have a busy day tomorrow and should get some rest, that once I put K to bed for the night I had to write a post before I could do anything else.

Which means until the post is written I’m not going to call Mike who is 2 hours ahead in Texas and probably ready to hit the hay.

I’m not going to eat that cupcake I have stashed.

I’m not going to finish the martini I drank half of and stashed in the fridge.

I’m not going to watch mind numbing British Sci Fi television, until…

Until I’ve written this post.

All of that, talking to my husband, eating a cupcake, watching Torchwood, finishing that smooth dirty dry gin martini…  they’re what’s pulling me through.  Those are the reasons I’m writing this post.

And you probably thought I was just trying to entertain you.