a family

Tonight after Mike got home from work I got to go out.  I got to leave the house.

Those of you not held captive by a small child 24 hours a day might not get the significance of that so let me repeat it for you:  I got to go out with no kid on a school night and hang out with my friends.

As I sat there in the bar surrounded by people, some that I know and love, some that I’ve only just met, I realized how lucky I am.  I’ve said recently how amazed I am by Portland’s tech community… but what I haven’t said is this:  It’s a family.

It’s a family, and in that family I feel like a welcome member… not some weird cousin that sticks things up her nose or makes really inappropriate comments and everyone cringes when she arrives.

It’s good to know these people and they don’t seem to mind knowing me.

It may not seem like it but by nature I am shy.  Painfully shy, but with these wonderful people I’ve met over the last couple years behind me I can walk into a room, smile and nod, walk up to some one I’ve never met and tell them unabashedly who I am, and never flinch.

Thank you.  Not just for allowing me to be a part of this big family, but for allowing anyone to join you.  For accepting so many lost souls with open arms… and for only talking about us behind our backs a little.

Just like a real family.

why the bathroom smells like wet cat…

It was Friday, just afternoon.

I’d spent the morning volunteering at school and had to head back at 1pm but I needed a few moments for me. I’d already had a bite to eat and wasted some time on twitter so I was at a bit of a loss. I stretched my arms and back which were sore from a long week of constant activity.

I thought maybe I should just hop in the shower and clean up before heading back over to K’s school when I realized that I hadn’t had long soak in the bath in months. I checked the clock, filled the tub and as it filled I finished a few tiny chores…

Then item by item I stripped off the clothes I’d been wearing and let them gather in a pile on the white tile floor. I slowly lowered one foot and then the other into the tub and then I just sank. I let the water lap at my skin. I skimmed its surface with my finger tips and watched as the drips from my hands made concentric circles.


but then…. meow meow meeeeoooooow.


I opened my eyes just in time to see my cat jumping into the tub, screeching and then running away.

Did I mention my cat likes to be near me?

Yeah… fricken cat.