shiny and new…

There’s nothing quite like a new header to make a girl feel extra sassy.  It may seem silly to you but new header days are like clean sheet day to the 100th degree.  It’s like having a great new bra & matching panties x20.

Like your first kiss with a lover.

Yeah, new header days are pretty fantastic… But a new header on a brand new blog?  I’m feeling a little tingly people.  So if you see me walking down the street today and I look a little distracted like my head is in the clouds and I’m smiling just a bit too much or I have that slightly mussed look a girl gets after she’s had a roll in the hay… cut me some slack.

I may be 31 years old with a mountain of responsibilities but I’m still a simple girl at heart and the blog change I’m making?  Like the title of the post says… Shiny and new.