strange love episodes: openID & bacon with scott kveton

Thinking back to Friday night, when we recorded a Tech episode of Strange Love Live closely followed by an afterhours episode, it’s a bit of a blur. My memory, as well as my judgment may have been clouded by BACON.

(bacon dessert)

Check out the Tech episode, we talk with Scott Kveton about OpenID, OAuth, Vidoop and a few other things as well:

Then tune into this little gem I like to call Strange Love Live: Martini Wishes and Bacon Dreams.

As always you can listen to the show here, download them or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when we’ve released a new episode…


Join us Friday September 5th at 10pm for another live episode of Strange Love. Our next guest is a favorite Portland Person of mine, Betsy Richter. She’ll chat us up about Our PDX and then we’ll go wild.

Portland People, go now!

If you’re in Portland and at a loss for things to do today then you aren’t looking hard enough…

Here’s how we’re spending our Saturday!

Portland Pie-Off #mmmpie

3pm at Washington Park. Check out the upcoming page for details.

Why am I going (aside from a tiny hope that I will get to taste some of this amazing pies)? To meet & see all the twitter peeps I wouldn’t normally get to see. Pie brings everybody out of the house!

Then I’ll have a few precious moments of down time (5 minutes ought to do it) before Missburrows comes knocking on my door. We’ll have a snack, doll ourselves up, laugh at each other (like we do) and then head out the door to the Anti-Prom Benefit. I talked about this event last week and I hope to load some photos up on my flickr page before the weekend is over.

The Anti-Prom is happening 8pm-1am. For details go to the upcoming page.

Hope to see you somewhere!

hope hurts

For someone with such a pessimistic outlook on life… I really am quite the optimist. I see the very best in my friends and loved ones. I believe that we can make our lives happy, healthy, better.

But for someone with such an optimistic outlook on life… I really am quite a pessimist.

While my faith in people in my life, in my family, in my immediate world, is strong, my faith in the world isn’t always what it could be.

Tonight I watched intently as Barack Obama gave his speech accepting the Democratic nomination for President of the United States and I cried. I know I’m not the only one, there were teary eyes across the nation. I’m not ashamed of the tears, of the emotion that was wrenched from me… but the reason for it stings.

At first I thought I was crying because I was so inspired by this man, by his family. It took a while but I realized that my tears were selfish.

This is the first time in my 31 years of life that I have seen a political figure who actually moves me. Someone that I respect. That I admire. That inspires me. That gives me hope.

I don’t want that taken away.

I’m afraid that our country, that my fellow citizens will make a mistake and elect another old stuff shirt that sits on his laurels while our country falls to the wolves. I’m afraid that enough people won’t stand up and say “yes we can”.

For the first time I’m not just voting for the lesser of the evils. I’m voting for someone I truly think will give his all to make this country a place I can be proud to raise my child in.

And I’m so afraid to hope and have my heart broken.

when your siblings say meow…

It was morning, K and I had just finished eating breakfast and I had a ton of things to do before our busy day got underway. K went downstairs and brought up one of the heavy blankets we use for picnics and laid it down on the floor. Next she began hauling dolls out into the living room.

This isn’t an unfamiliar scenario. K plays by herself very well, she has to since she has no siblings. The set up process can be time consuming and because of that it’s often the longest stretch of quiet time I get during the day. She needs no help to establish her play area. She can get out hundreds, thousands, millions of toys, blankets and pillows without any assistance (putting them away? that’s another matter).

Suddenly the silence was broken much earlier than it should have been. There was trouble in the land of K…

K: Maaammmmaa!

Me: What’s up babe?

K: Maaaaammmmmmaaaa make him stop it!

Me: Make who stop what?

K: Him. Tell him to leave me alone! This is MY BLANKET and I need him to get off it.

Me: What?

I got up from my very important task *cough* twittter *cough* and went into the living room to see what the big problem was. K looked at me with a face I know I’d made a million times as a child when my brother decided he had nothing better to do than bug me.

K: Maaaaaaaamma… he’s just trying to bother me… can’t you make him go away?

Sitting there quite happily, perfectly still, poised like a lion was my black cat. I smiled at K then reached down and stroked Spike’s fur. He rose to greet me and meowed before stretching a bit and sauntering away. I turned to K, but before I could speak again she was back to the business of arranging her dolls as she snarled:

You know he just does that to bug me

She’s probably right.

paper spam

I hate junk mail, and yes I know that hate is a really strong word but I stand by my use of it. I hate junk mail with a big red hot passion. I hate junk mail so much, thinking about it makes me want to go have sex with my husband, or knock down a wall or something. It inspires real emotion in me.

Hate is totally an emotion.

The thing is that junk mail is just so wasteful. I know that people have a right to do what they want with their own money, plus it’s advertising, so I won’t get into that aspect of it… but what about all that paper? Which is really all those trees and all that gas used to move the logs that were once the trees that got cut down.

If only I were that in tune with the environment… I frown upon waste, but mostly, it’s just that it’s one more thing I have to deal with. Do you have any idea how big my “to shred” pile currently is? It’s huge. It’s 2 bags full of things I need to shred. Likely 90% of the mail that comes into our house is junk mail.

I think I may be underestimating. Normally I tend to exaggerate a bit but in this case I really don’t think I am.

So in this huge intake of junk mail is it possible that there could be one particular type of junk mail that really gets to me? Really gets me upset? Credit card offers? Coupons for fast food restaurants? Insurance come ons? No.

It’s the newest selection of junk mail we’re getting.

Gambling ads. Betting Catalogs. Entire “magazines” dedicated to making wagers.

In the last 10 days we have gotten 3 pieces of junk mail, 3 thick heavy magazines, catalogs, books if you will, full of information, advertisement and charts all dedicated to betting.

You should know that neither DrNormal or I gamble. We are not betters. There is no thrill in it for us, no allure. We have been known to buy a lottery ticket a few times a year on a lark but that’s the extent of it…

So why 3 pieces of literature in 10 days with DrNormal’s name on them dedicated to gambling.

Who the hell sold his name to them?

I hate junk mail… I’m gonna go shred something.


Once again I lay in the dentist’s chair this morning, mouth uncomfortably held open, lips and cheek stuffed with cotton. I was wearing comfy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt with writing on it… I don’t know what that writing says. What matters isn’t the writing, it’s the comfort.

I put on my sunglasses, placed my headphones into my ears, turned on the music as loud as I could and closed my eyes as the doctor placed a mask over my nose and pumped laughing gas into it.

To keep panic from setting in. To stop my fidgeting. To prevent me from making his job more difficult than it has to be.

I am not an easy dental patient.

As I lay there listening to the jagged tone of Tom Waits voice I floated in and out of awareness. I raised my hand to ask the doctor to back off on the laughing gas. I wanted to be calm, at ease… but I still wanted my wits about me. I wanted to be able to think if for some reason thinking might become necessary.

And I did think, the thoughts came in waves crashing over the haze and as each individual idea came to me I pulled it aside and considered it. Many times in the swirling mist of thoughts I said to myself, I should write about that

Now if only I had written those things down….

sweet dreams are made of these…

I don’t have it in me today to talk about things I want to talk about.

The things I should be talking about, thinking about.

I put K to bed 3 hours ago and still she’s wakeful.

Crying and wakeful…

Refusing to sleep.

and there is not a thing I can do.

strange love episode: shizzow!

Friday night’s episode of Strange Love Live saw a first for our little studio… 3 guests all squeezed onto the Strange Love couch to talk about a brand new social web service. Listen in as we talk to Mark, Sam & Dawn from Shizzow.

As always you can listen to the show here, download it or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when we’ve released a new episode…


Join us Friday August 29th at 10pm for another live episode of Strange Love. This time we’ll be talking to the gregarious Scott Kveton, “Husband, father, geek, pizza maker & bacon lover”.

it’s raining on prom night…

My secret is out, missburrows let it slip that I, CamiKaos, never went to Prom.

Nope. Not my own, not a boyfriend’s.

No prom for me.

Once as a freshman I went to a winter formal with a gaggle of friends and a cutie with a mohawk…

Not the same as prom. At all. Plus at that point I hadn’t developed into the person I know and love. I didn’t yet have my own sense of style.

By the time I would have gone to prom I had developed a certain style… let’s just call it “I’m too cool for you” chic. Sadly it involved me not attending a prom, taking senior portraits or going to graduation.

I have a second chance to experience prom as I would have liked it though. People often say youth is wasted on the young… they may be right which is why on Saturday August 30th I’ll be attending my Anti-Prom with several hottie friends

Oh.fricking.yeah. babies.

I’ve been waiting to tell you because I wanted to be able to announce my attendance, shill for the good causes (the Anti-Prom is a fundraiser for the Luke Dorf Healing Community and for Liberty Hall) and show you my Anti-Prom dress…

That’s my dress modeled by the lovely DrNormal…

If you want to see it on me you’ll have to go to the Anti-Prom!