hope hurts

For someone with such a pessimistic outlook on life... I really am quite the optimist. I see the very best in my friends and loved ones. I believe that we can make our lives happy, healthy, better.But for someone with such an optimistic outlook on life... I really am quite a pessimist.While my faith in … Continue reading hope hurts

paper spam

I hate junk mail, and yes I know that hate is a really strong word but I stand by my use of it. I hate junk mail with a big red hot passion. I hate junk mail so much, thinking about it makes me want to go have sex with my husband, or knock down … Continue reading paper spam


Once again I lay in the dentist's chair this morning, mouth uncomfortably held open, lips and cheek stuffed with cotton. I was wearing comfy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt with writing on it... I don't know what that writing says. What matters isn't the writing, it's the comfort. I put on my sunglasses, placed my … Continue reading stoned

sweet dreams are made of these…

I don't have it in me today to talk about things I want to talk about.The things I should be talking about, thinking about.I put K to bed 3 hours ago and still she's wakeful.Crying and wakeful...Refusing to sleep.and there is not a thing I can do.


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