Mr. Kaos was fitting together the drain for the bathroom sink last week and some of the pieces were, understandably, a little tight.So he asked for some Vaseline so he could fit the parts.My mind halted. Vaseline. We don't have that. Umm... we have....We have personal lubricant...for personal things.And now we have personal lubricant for … Continue reading plumbing

let’s make music

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!With Thanksgiving a fading dot on the rear view mirror of the 2007 holiday season I feel like it's time to get down to business.Holiday business.And the first order of Holiday business is going to be the 2007 Kaos Holiday Lyric Contest.Oh. yeah.Mr. Kaos suggested this little contest and boy am I ever excited!So … Continue reading let’s make music

thank you

I'm not really big into Thanksgiving, but it does occur to me that I have a lot to be thankful for, so...Happy ThanksgivingI'm off now to stuff myself full of turkey while my daughter runs around like a crazy person with her cousins.enjoy the day won't you?...and thank you.

show of hands

By a quick show of hands.... er... comments who CAN NOT see the pictures I posted of my bathroom in the previous post.I can see them.Some of you are having no problem at all but others..... are getting the dreaded red x including my mother....