I've heard that the first step is admitting you have a problem... I want to work on that... but where to start?I mean, I am willing to admit I have a problem, I just can't decide which problem I should admit to having...Should I go slowly, start with one and discuss it in disturbing detail … Continue reading steps

fang me

Earlier I wrote an entire post about the fact that I was trying to fit my vampire fangs and was stuck laying on my back for 10 minutes while the adhesive cured into whatever the hell it is that molds the fangs to my teeth. An entire post about that. It wasn't a gem trust … Continue reading fang me

ship sheep shit shop shoe

K stares at me devilishly and smilesHer: ship. sheep. shit. shop. shoe.Me: That's a bad word, do not say it again please. Her: I didn't know shit was a bad word.Me: Then how did you know which word I was talking about?Stunned silence.Mom STILL knows everything.

focus pocus

I don't know if any of you have caught on to this but in the past several months I have had a tremendous time with concentrating on anything... except my child, my bathroom, my husband and perhaps my cannons, it's hard for me to not notice those.I've put some of my to do's and commitments … Continue reading focus pocus