uh oh…

This is just the very briefest of updates… but look there is me pulling out drywall. Woowoo!

It is only 1 pm but so far it has been a long day. After deciding the drywall had to come out we ran into a few more problems

Look you can see into our basement!!! If you look carefully you can also see part of Mr. Kaos’ head.

Sadly this is also the moment he found some pinhole leaks in the pipes for our main floor bathroom. Oh shit.

Oh well, looks like a 48 hour plumbing party for us. Don’t you wish you were hanging at my house this weekend? Jeffy baby if you are reading this give me a little ring ring and get your ass over here to fix some pipes!

No really.

I leave you with a quote from Mr. Kaos who is reading his plumbing books like a dutiful little school boy and marveling at the idiocy of my posting in the middle of our calamity: “Plumbing is fun… my ASS”