kaos family fortunes…

K Kaos’ cookie says
“You will inherit a large sum of money from an unusual source.”

Cami Kaos’ cookie says
“You will run into an old friend soon”

Mr. Kaos’ cookie says
“Never contend with someone who has nothing to lose.”

one track mind…

Normally I am able to wiggle myself free of a topic but not now, not this week. All I can think of is the crazy fast bathroom overhaul. It was a day between “lets replace the toilet babe” and the actual drinking of the margaritas and ripping out the toilet. Less than a day really.

Sunday, 8:30 am post coital sweet talk:

MK: I think we should just go for it, that toilet drives me crazy.

CK: Yeah, it bugs me too, we’ll figure it out.

Sunday, 2:00 pm post grocery shopping nutso talk:

MK: When are you going to make the margaritas? I want to get started in the bathroom.

CK: Really? What do you think we should do about the floor and the—

MK: They’re fine, lets just worry about the toilet. Seriously, are you making margaritas?

Sunday, 5:00 pm post toilet removal glory

MK: We’ve got to get a new toilet.

CK: No shit.

Sunday, 11:00 pm, nice tidings for sweet dreams

MK: I think you’re right.

CK: Of course I am… What am I right about?

MK: You need to decide what to do with the floor. We need to replace it, and find a sink… when do you think we can have this done?

CK: Sweet dreams babe.

MK: No really when?

CK: goodnight.

Well I did it, I found a toilet, I found a sink, I found a faucet. They all match, they are all super fantastic and they are all sitting in our living room.

We found the tile last night in a late night bathroom shopping extravaganza that ended in Chinese take-out.

The uh oh? There isn’t any of it anywhere in Oregon except the one 12″ section we found last night.

The woo hoo? They’ve got a bunch of it in Vancouver. I guess it’s going to be the Kaos family field trip to Washington tonight. Anybody need some Sudafed while we’re there?