bacon & bathrooms…

I learned something very important in the last week. Bacon wins people. Bacon always wins and so K is a full fledged meat eater again. I thought you would all want to know. She thought you would all want to know. She asked me to tell you all that if eating bacon is wrong she don’t wanna be right.

In bathroom news, it will be more than 4 days til we have our bathroom back (so dream, if you want to update your entry you can, but since you are the only one that threw out a guess you are currently in the lead).

Ever the clever man, Mr. Kaos decided to agree with me when I said we needed to rip out the sink and replace the floor while we’re at it. He was hesitant at first but soon saw the wisdom of my ways. You know the wisdom of only having one working bathroom for who knows how long and having to go up a flight of stairs to use it. Wise.

Since that’s really all I have for you today as other tasks are mounting up against me (woo!) I leave you with a little video bonus.