vice presidential sucker…


Remember a while back when I said no?


Just say no. Isn’t that what Nancy Regan taught us?

Well apparently she didn’t do her job because I have somehow been wrangled into vice presidentiary.

UNLESS some one decides before the next election to run against me. eh eh? anybody wanna?

I offered them muck on myself and the current VP (who is of course running for President and is the one that coerced me). He offered them muck too. Let me tell you we have some good muck for the asking… But they wouldn’t hear it. They laughed, as if our muck offering were a joke, or as though no one else wanted the job and they were SO relieved to have a couple of suckers… er…. candidates.

So next month when they vote it looks like I may very well become Vice President Kaos.

Just say no worked so much better with drugs.