consumer whore cami gets a scanner…

Years ago I decided that my scanner was EVIL and not at all worth using. We gave it to a friend to let him suffer it’s evil ways and then waited and waited and waited.



I don’t think I have scanned a single thing since we moved into this house 3 years ago, until now, now I’m going scan crazy!!!

I’ve been wanting a new scanner for a while, one that would scan and copy and print and fax and do my dishes and pleasure me in unspeakable ways.

Well I didn’t get ALL that, but I did get a new multi function device, and despite the fact that it won’t scrub my toilet, mow my lawn or, you know, tie me up and call me kinky, it does serve all the technological aspects on my multifunction wish list. HOORAY.

The big push to get it is that Mr. Kaos and I are putting together a video slide show for K’s preschool graduation and if I want to get the photos the school gave me into it I best be scanning soon.

So of course I am not using it for that. I’ll get to the kids sooner or later, but for today I decided to take all the little tiny pictures from my little tiny Polaroid that my friend Jeff gave me on my 23rd birthday and toss them on the scanner bed and see what happens…. What that means for all you out there in the magical land of Internet:

Glimpses at the Life of a 23 year old Kaos Queen…