meat matters… a tale of my past

I’m going to tell you a little story from my past, back when I was mopier, wore skimpier black clothing and a lot more black eyeliner. Yes, back when I was a poetry writing, sneak outing, school skipping, cigarette smoking teenager.

I had morals, values, a need to do something, take action! And so in order to save the world (and royally piss off my father I am sure) I decided I was a vegetarian. NO MEAT. Yep. I decided that. Me.

I lasted almost a year (I think, though it could have been as little as 6 months). I’m sure my parents were very entertained, so I really appreciate that the time some cooked bacon went missing from the fridge they overlooked it and never said a word…

Eventually though I had to give up the giving up meat. It was a hot sunny California day and I was dressed all in black (duh, I was depressed and junk). My dad was getting ready to BBQ some of his amazing beef ribs for some friends and I just couldn’t be kind to cows any longer.

Later that night after eating 3 amazing ribs and assorted sides I got so sick I’ll never be able to forget it, but still, lesson learned I was never a vegetarian again.

Thanks dad, I’m probably going to hell because of you and your meat cooking ways…