slipped my mind

I’ve been concentrating for the last month on making sure I blog every day… at least the weekdays… and as I sit at the computer chatting with my friend listening for disgruntled noises from K and feeling guilty that champagne tasting is not going forward with my friends and Mike a thought suddenly hit… did I blog today.. Surely I have but what on earth was it about??? I came to this site. I looked at my blog. Surely that isn’t yesterday’s blog! But it is… tea blah blah blah is so yesterday’s news.

I guess with my mind so full of itchy stitches, found families with lost fathers, wrapping paper, wronged children, pony movies, clogged drains, dirty dishes, family time, what to have for dinner and champagne night I have no room to think in any logical order, to put things down here that make any sense. I thing my brain is overcooked for the time being… maybe I’m on overload.

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