tea with me?

Yesterday K had her little friend K over after school. I made them a little lunch of finger foods and they had a tea party. Little girls (at least these 2) LOVE tea parties. What is it that is so magical about the tiny little pot and tiny little cups. Of course they had juice not tea, but they loved it. They went through 4 little pots of juice between lunch and desert (all tiny little foods to go on tiny little plates). K asks to do this every week or two. Right now she is planning a grand tea lunch with 3 of her school friends… I told her we can do it after the holidays…

Now I want to have a tea party. If only all my girlfriends could come over after school and have “tea”. We could dress up like princesses or movie stars, I could whip up a batch of something potent and juice like and make little finger food munchies and we could drink 20 or 30 pots of “tea” til we fell over laughing and our moms/kids/husbands/partners/dogs told us it was time to go home and then we could all pout and complain that we don’t get to spend enough time together why oh why oh why….

Tea for me?

3 thoughts on “tea with me?

  1. Giddy. says:

    I totally agree… I would come over for a tea party!But, if I come over, you’re going to have to let me stay a couple of days….its just how I am.

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