6am on a sunday

some time around 5:30 I heard our alarm clock begin to sound. I was irritated from my warm curl only momentarily before some kind soul shut it off. Awake(ish) and at the computer I know now it was Mike that shut it off, and set it, but at 5:30 I just wanted the noise to end. I sat half awake watching in awe as Mike dressed in layers and started looking for cold weather gear to keep him from freezing while he was outside in the dark 27 degree morning wind whipping around him. I almost giggled as I thought about him standing huddled with all the other early morning souls pressed against the building for warmth & shelter. I helped him with some clothes, kissed him good bye, locked up and sent him a text before curling back into my warm bed and drifting off to sleepy land…

The laughter may sound a bit sadistic, I know, but he was up and out of bed not just by choice, by desire, temptation… What had his sleepy self out of bed at that dark hour on a Sunday? The next new thing? The most fabulous object in the universe? Crack? All of the above? The Wii.

Apparently while I finished up our shopping yesterday he was bit pretty hard by the Christmas shopping bug. He asked the guy at the video game counter a ton of questions, checked out all the games, watched the Wii video repeatedly and looked at books and controllers. He told me on our way home he would be doing this. Then he told me more about the Wii, he told me how much fun our whole family will have with it (my dad will reportedly love the golf, good thing he’s only visiting) about the downloading, the game compatibility, etc etc etc. That was last night. This morning I’ve heard which stores gave them out early and how some people had their spouses in line at other places across town to make sure they got one, or so they could get two. I know exactly how many Wiis our local toy emporium got in today (47) and that the line wrapped around the building toward the end (Mike is 15th in line just so ya know). He’s crazy. But that’s what he’s like (not that he’s ever done this before). It’s fun, it’s new and it’s for his family. Enough said.

So now all of you know what we’re getting for Christmas. Shh… don’t tell me.

2 thoughts on “6am on a sunday

  1. Giddy. says:

    hahaha! I know what you’re getting for christmas & I’m not telling!ah… boys and their toys… so much fun. At least he didn’t ask you to go with him.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    at this point I doubt it will stay in its box till the end of the day… I think he has changed his mind about waiting til Christmas ;)

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