i’ve succumbed

With one day left til Thanksgiving I have succumbed to Christmas… I was up against a lot. My irritation with crowds, Mike’s irritation with people and spending, my parents not coming for Christmas (for the first time since K was born) orchestrating parties, Santa visits, school and school functions, vacations days, medical stuff and more family.

I used to happily hate and rally against all the commercialism that is the “Holiday Season”. As a child Christmas was always overwhelming because we were pulled in too many directions at once by my parents’ families. Then as a teen it was all about the list…

As an adult when I had to supply all that magic myself, I decided Christmas was over done and sad. Now, married with a beautiful daughter, I find myself still thinking it is overblown and commercial, but some how what I am doing is another matter. I want my daughter to have the Christmas magic I had each year. To come out into the living room and see that tree lit up and twinkling with tiny lights, her stocking full, the cats curled up on the rug, presents coloring every inch under the tree and the Red Ryder 220-shot Carbine Action Air Riffle leaning in the corner…

The holidays all seem to be coming together today. Mike, with the week off, decided we should run to our local warehouse store and pick up the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cartoon (can you believe we didn’t have the box set?? we do now). I noticed that while there were not many people there at 9:30 am there were many more things. I bought K pj’s, a Christmas gown and, of course, presents. Shopping for K is all but done. Her two girlie cousins are done. We only have her guy cousin left to buy for.

We attended K’s school’s Thanksgiving performance, cleaned house and later on after intense discussions with my daddy throughout the day, my mom called (while we were in the fabulous neighborhood wine shop looking for the perfect Turkey Day wines) to let me know they were going to be arriving for Christmas on the 13th.

So today, even through shopping at an almost empty warehouse store, cleaning, singing preschoolers, the empty wine shop and the crowded grocery store, through stress and love, cooking and prep I should be doing but haven’t done, today it seems like the holidays are here.

Merry Thankshanrashamasyear

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