space time and petty little me…

I have these two friends (and if you two can’t figure out who you are I take this all back) who I am separated from by space and time. Not universal space and a time machine, but miles and years.

One of them is just an online friend, I’ve not met her in our 3 or 4 years of e-mailing, blogging, messaging, letters, support, and friendship but she isn’t just anything. She is like the sister I never had and I have been so lucky to have her in my life… we are so much alike that at times it actually becomes a little spooky. Don’t misunderstand we are very different people but it seems at heart we are very much the same. We live for our families, try so hard to hang on to who we are, we’re dark and brooding and don’t like people one bit but we both know when to be tender and stretch out a hand to someone who needs it… okay, that is mush… I am over it.

Enter friend two… I have known her for years (16 or so), always liked her, always respected her, always thought she was a whole lot of fun… We didn’t talk for years… then we did for a brief time.. then we didn’t talk for a couple of years. The benefits of technology, hooray myspace, I found her again… Lately we have had odd coincidences… really odd. Not like oh my gosh we both like cocktails! We’ve both have started doing things and thinking things at the same time. With her, unlike my other friend, I have a point of reference. I remember being in high school and seeing her and saying hi and knowing some stuff about her (I met her through her brother who I’d been friends with in jr high).. Now I wonder did we have things in common before and never realized… or is it just time and space that brings these things out?

I know space and time have changed me incredibly. For years I had only guy friends, couldn’t be bothered with girl friends. Why? Not sure, maybe I was as petty as I thought some of the women I knew were, maybe I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment, maybe I wasn’t ready for that kind of support and friendship, comedy and tragedy. I don’t know what in time or space set off my readiness to befriend these two strong women and all the others I now know & love, but damn I’m grateful for it.

2 thoughts on “space time and petty little me…

  1. elizabeth says:

    RIDICULOUSLY grateful for you! seriously – we are too, too alike. even down to our before lives of not having female friends. WEIRD. but that is why we are twins, right?! hell YES.i am in a foul mood but now you made me smile. and here is my own mushyness for the day – i love you! you ROCK.okay – back to bitchy. :)zoe’s straightened up but she is scared of me at this point. haha – is that even funny?! i think so… naptime. you are the BEST. period.

  2. Giddy. says:

    You know someone is a true friend when you can pick up the phone, after not having talked with them in soooooo many years, and its like no time has passed at all.You made my night. You and a very yummy pizza. I’m so glad you found me.

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