first love

after hours of sleep yesterday, a tiny bit of Lipton chicken soup, jello, water and a few more hours of sleep i woke up dazed, hungry and in need of conversation. My daughter was curled up asleep next to me and my husband was puttering around cleaning and thinking… so i made a 2nd dinner which was the first real food I consumed all day, drank a little bit of soda and listened and talked and listened and talked about love, art and life. By art I mean all of it, painting, writing, music, photography, tattoo, film, sculpture, digital, wood carving, drawing etc etc etc… it was good.

While we were talking about art and it’s many forms, which ones he loves most, which ones I do, it came down to one thing that he said “but you always have a first love”. It is true for life and it is true for art.

The difference, I think, is that the first love of your life can be and do many different things, lead you to different people, places and even things but, as people are imperfect and we judge them for their imperfections as well as our own, it can be tainted and fade away… your first love in art can easily last a lifetime… It can lead you to other mediums, other places and other worlds but it is always there. His first love is music. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, Strange types that defy classification, he knows music, he loves it he breathes it. Even if he works a 9-5 job (read 7 to 7 more often than not) raises our child, adores his wife, enjoys his friends he is still living and breathing the music from his past present and future… he’s had plenty of time in his life to forget it, move past it, get over it… but thankfully he never has and I hope it is his passion (thanks for the definitions giddy & friends) that our daughter will receive and our friends will find inspiring.

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