did TiVo fix my brain?

while I’m still on the topic of consumer whores: I love my TiVo. I need my TiVo. My TiVo fixed my brain.

We’ll start at the beginning: Mike got Ernie (my TiVo) for me as an early 5 year anniversary gift… as a girl I was thinking… great, electronics… but then Ernie arrived… the UPS man brought him to my door (about a month ago) and suddenly I was giddy, happy, excited…
Mike was at work, K was trying to watch TV in my room where all the good TV watching occurs… but I needed to set up my TiVo.

I tried to wait but it was like something magical was about to happen… I even took pictures of the box my TiVo came in with my camera phone and sent them to my husband… I could be delayed no longer… The set up process was more exciting than simple… I was thrilled, tickled, delighted that soon my TV viewing would change forever… My daughter was frustrated that I turned off her show but as I stood on top of our dresser trying to gain access to the wire well and see up and behind our TV she got into the spirit of things…

at this point I realize I sound like I am selling TiVos… so no I am not.

Once all the wires, plugs cables and batteries were in place set up seemed pretty simple… until it completely froze 20 minutes in… the first time it happened I unplugged it after waiting 40 minutes. When it happened the 2nd time I called Mike irritated that it wasn’t working… then I called TiVo irritated that it froze during set up… the person I spoke to was polite but not helpful… she passed me along to someone else in the technical department who was neither polite nor helpful and kept insisting that my Ethernet cable was connected to nothing (since it had already gained Internet access I knew this man was plain wrong). It became obvious that no one could help me and it was down to me… a girl and her new TiVo. After several more tries it finally went through the set up process…

By the time Mike came home from work it was done… It was exhausting dealing with idiots and stupid software glitches but it was done… At first i thought it was all very anticlimactic… but then in the next two days I found something strange happen. I started watching less TV. Not a little less TV a lot less TV. I barely watch my TV anymore… but when I do watch it I am so much happier. Magically there is always something on. I don’t have to go running Monday night when Heroes is on or Sunday night when Venture Bros. starts… oh bliss…

I find myself spending more time with K and Mike, more time writing, photographing, thinking… I didn’t think i spent that much time in front of the TV before… but now…eh.. seems like maybe I did.

so that was the very dull love story of a girl and her TiVo… maybe I will have something less consumer driven to say tomorrow after a healthy mimosa brunch ;)

3 thoughts on “did TiVo fix my brain?

  1. Giddy says:

    I love love love love my tivo… even considering getting a second one for the bedroom. Once you have the wireless connection, you can actually view programs from one tivo to the other. I can’t wait till they come up with a portable tivo that you can carry with you everywhere.. I hate staying in hotels now.

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