even in my dreams…

GizmoI glanced down at the screen on my iPhone and noticed someone had changed my lock screen. Instead of an adorable picture of my kid and our cat or a sappy kissy-face picture of my boyfriend and me there was a mogwai with an animated caption reading “gremlin elevator”.  As I noticed the stairs ahead of me motion trails streamed off the words and the text changed to an angry bold “Take the stairs!!!!”

It was at this point I realized I was in the full embrace of a weird-ass dream. Having the option of waking myself up or giving over to the strange I nestled in to see where the stairs would take me. As I climbed each step I heard giggling friends behind me. I kept an eye on the screen of my iPhone, ever-present in every aspect of my life now that it had made its way into my dream.

When I reached the top of the stairs a slimy hissing gremlin greeted my, pointing a bony finger to a half hidden door. I had to stretch up to reach the high-placed doorknob but once the door opened the meaning of my dream was clear at once as I realized I had opened the door to a bathroom.

“When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go” I quipped as I stumbled out of bed and down the hall. When I was done and curled up safely back in bed I wrapped my hand around my waiting iphone, checked the time to make sure I could safely snooze and fell back into the sweet embrace of sleep, phone still in my hand but gremlins nowhere to be seen.

About camikaos

As a lifelong writer Cami has always been inquisitive and curious. It’s a quality that has left her enamored with the ever-changing world of technology and the people who build it. That’s how she found herself smack in the middle of the Portland tech scene 10 years ago, first with blogs and then events and podcasting. While back in the day she focused on innovative podcasts such Strange Love Live and memePDX and events like 30 Hour Day, she now spends more time making order out of chaos in her life, parenting, work and from time to time camikaos.com. Having lived in Portland, Oregon for nearly 20 years, she can’t imagine making another city her home, or finding a place better suited for raising her daughter. Cami works at Automattic as a community organizer for the WordPress open source project, overseeing the WordCamp community conference program. She can be found, quite often, on Twitter as @camikaos.
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One Response to even in my dreams…

  1. BeingAngel says:

    Not all dreams are obscure then, eh? :)

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